Energy City Qatar (ECQ)
Doha, Qatar

The development

  • ECQ development comprises a site area of 760,000 M2 and is located within the wider Lusail mixed-use development in Doha, Qatar
  • There are 92 plots (75 buildings) for commercial offices, data centre, one hotel and a mosque as well as extensive community infrastructure, landscaping and utilities

4FMS Services

Business Plan
  • Preparation of Business Plan for establishment and implementation of a Community FM Company for the development including FM Community & Buildings & Property Management. Elements of Business Plan included:
    • Executive Summary
    • Development Status & Objectives
    • Service Responsibility Matrix & SWOT Analysis
    • City FM Functional Structure
    • City FM Positional Structure
    • City FM Establishment Principles
    • I.T and Systems Architecture for City FM
    • Integrated Financial Management Information – ECQ
    • Service Charge Issues & Considerations
    • Recommendations & Way Forward
Financial & Business Analytics Model
  • Development of Integrated Financial Information Management Model utilizing 4FMS IBM Cognos software for the Community & Building FM Services
  • Financial Model included financial and non-financial data and development of various financial scenarios for FM operating cost drivers, revenue, cost and margins during start up phase in 2014 and 15 year term from 2015 – 2030
  • Workshops and presentation to ECQ on options and recommendations moving forward

Project Details

Client’s Name
Energy City Qatar (ECQ)
Doha, Qatar

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